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"If you took everything we've gathered and presented it in a court of law, we would be able to prove...beyond a reasonable doubt...

that something else is there." 

~ Kevin Swanson

 In the world of the paranormal, technological advancements have resulted in better paranormal evidence. 

PSC strives to take investigations to the next level by answering the question: 

Now that we know something is there, what do we do about it? 

Spirit Rescue


In our experience, we've come to realize that sometimes, souls get stuck. 

PSC uses advanced technology and years of experience and expertise, to do more than prove something is there...

We help it get to where it is supposed to go.   

Psychic mediums and energy workers, Nicole Haapala and Natalie Fowler employ their psychic gifts and advanced energy techniques to help heal land, clear homes and rescue spirits. 

Paranormal Unity


We are all better, together. 

Paranormal groups everywhere are collecting evidence and information. Teams all over the world strive to help homeowners feel safe and peace in their own homes. 

PSC believes in promoting #ParanormalUnity in all that they do. Every founding member of PSC brings with them experience and expertise from other which they still belong.

From sharing information to teaching classes and workshops, PSC strives to promote unity within and among the paranormal community. 

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Are you part of a paranormal team that needs help with a tough case? Send us a note, we are happy to help however we can. We also like to add new teams to our network. Feel free to send a note, just to introduce yourselves!

Are you a homeowner, looking for a team to investigate potential haunted activity in your home or space? Contact us. If we can't help you right away, we will refer you to a trusted team who can. 

Paranormal Services Cooperative

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


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