About Us

Nicole Haapala


Nicole is a founding member of and paranormal investigator for Minnesota Ghost Box. Personal experience has proven to her the existence of the paranormal, but Nicole prides herself on confirming that existence with paranormal evidence. Nicole is a practicing Reiki Master and intuitive shamanic healer and past life regressionist. A gifted psychic medium with strong intuitive gifts across the board, she also applies her healing gifts to help homeowners find peace in their homes and property. A shadow worker and demonologist, Nicole is not afraid of facing the dark and helping others who are struggling with psychic phenomena that is not of the light. With the ability to traverse and access psychic information from multi-dimensional realms, Nicole brings a bird’s eye view to any and every investigation.


Natalie Fowler


Natalie Fowler is a published author of both fictional and nonfictional paranormal works. A regular contributor for FATE Magazine, she has a broad understanding of all sorts of paranormal activity stretching across the various realms and dimensions. Natalie is a paranormal investigator for Ghost Stories Ink. As an avid researcher with a passion for history, she also serves as the group’s historian, and has participated in paranormal investigations across the country from L.A. to Manhattan. Natalie is also a gifted psychic medium who helps clients access their Akashic records, meet their spirit guides and angels, and connect with loved ones who have passed. In her clearing work, she has a gift for connecting with those spirits who need their stories understood. She regularly works with notoriously haunted properties in Minnesota to keep their vibrational energies healthy and safe.


Kevin Swanson


As a child, Kevin would listen to his Grandmother talk about her conversations with his deceased Grandfather. Eventually, he began to have his own experiences with his grandfather, which sparked his interest in the paranormal at an early age. In 2010, Kevin begun his journey as a Paranormal Researcher. Since then, he has investigated dozens of homes, business and public venues. As a skeptic believer, he focuses on using the latest investigation technology to confirm or debunk ghostly activity. He has an intricate understanding of cutting edge paranormal technology and applies that knowledge and progressive technique to each and every investigation. Kevin has worked with several different paranormal investigative teams, all of whom call on him regularly for his technological expertise. One of Kevin’s goals is to determine what frequencies paranormal energies vibrate at so to predict paranormal activity. He also studies and observes energy with an eye to the science behind everything he encounters.